Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Berat aku naik...


Setelah bertahun2 berusaha..., bila ditimbang Sabtu lps, nampak gaya cam naik je. 5-6 kilo gak la...I don't thing those who see me everyday will believe this. Even me myself didn't believe this at first. I tried to test the weighting scale with one unit of fire extinguisher, hoping that the scale shows me ridiculous reading. But I failed. It showed the correct weight exactly as printed on that extinguisher.

Tapi, kena maintain the fitness agar tidak 'maju ke dpn'. MESTI!!!

Well, I actually kinda dislike the idea that once married, your weight will be boosted... Obesity is one of the leading factor to many types of serious & severe diseases. We have to maintain our weight with our physical built proportionately. Well, it may be not as perfect as weight-perfectionist but, do not change badly & drastically. The BMI scale can be a good measurement of how ok you take care of your body after marriage. This index even didn't indicate the marriage in its scale as an influencing factor of body mass loss/gain.

Ok till now.

(This is English. Being taught prior to PPSMI. Not qualified to be examined as a prerequisite to further study abroad)

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