Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Thanks to my wife, I've found another new hobby: playing sudoku. Recently, I jumped into new hobby - playing tenpin bowling.

Bowling - from shame to fame

In this year's Procurement Club Internal Bowling Tournament, I played badly. Scoring under average of the players and got lesser scores than last year's tournament, it made me sick. Starting from that shameful moment, I practiced at least twice a week consistently so that I can play better.

Until today, I only manage to get at most, 156 pinfalls. My highest pinfalls, 139, was achieved at last year's club tournament in my last frame. Shame!

I don't know when will the so-called fame can be achieved but, I'll try my best & keep practicing.

Sudoku - from nothing to something

Still not an expert, but I know the rules. It's easy & everybody can master the rules. To solve the puzzle, it needs tonne of skills & experiences. You play more & you can finish faster. For me, completing the sudoku will take around 15-20 minutes for a simplest-categorized puzzle (1 - 5 scale, 1 = simplest). Is that OK? I don't know...

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